mobile-friendly image example

We’ve all been there…

Search for something on your phone, click on the website, and it takes what seems like an eternity for the page to load?

And if you are patient enough for the page to show up, the site is confusing and you can’t find what you want?

Thank you, next!

Over half of mobile websites are abandoned if the site takes longer than THREE seconds to load.

With over 80% of internet users using a smartphone to search, if users have a slow and clunky mobile experience they are moving on.

Your local business simply can’t risk a poor mobile user experience!

How does your website’s mobile experience measure up?

You can do a simple check of your mobile site speed using this handy Google tool: Page Speed Insights

mobile-friendly page insights

Just enter your URL and you will see not only your mobile page speed but your desktop page speed as well.

So you get your score and your mobile page speed is slow as a snail.

Now what?

Here are the first things to tackle that will greatly increase your mobile site speed:

  • Don’t make a separate mobile website. This may lead to duplicate content which is a Google no-no.
  • Make sure your website is built on a responsive platform across ALL devices.
  • Keep your navigation clean and clear to the user.
  • Use a large enough font for easy reading on a mobile screen.
  • Make Call-To-Action buttons large with eye-catching colors.
  • Use high-res images and be sure to compress and optimize all your images.


Once you have made these changes, TEST! Test across Android, iPhone, and tablets. Give it some time and recheck your mobile page speed and see how you have improved!

If you need help making your local business website mobile-friendly, give us shout, we can help!